[su_quote cite=”Asbjorn”]The track was written during the craziest summer of my life. Three intense months that felt like a single, incredible festival. Including wild parties, bad hangovers and all the highs and lows that are just part of it when you’re in love. There was nothing else around us but him and me. Together, we enjoyed the endless summer nights in Berlin and felt endlessly free. The lines have something timeless; this song is the soundtrack to an unforgettable life that I’ll never forget. [/su_quote]


I got chills when I heard “Nothing 2 lose” by Asbjorn, it’s such a catchy, fun and simply an amazing track overall. Honestly I can’t find a flaw on any part of it, there’s something beautiful and special taking shape and form in this soundscape. It pulls you in immediately and you loose control of your self as each note and verse traverse through your body and you just have to at least tap you feet to the rhythm. The track is passionate, joyful and in a way inspiring as the lyrics paint a picture and the visuals mesmerized you within a second of the music video starting. There’s no denying that we are listening to the works of master diligently improving his craft from song to song delivering beauties of must listen gems. I am a fan and you definitely should as well. Enjoy!

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