“Classic” by Freedom Fry

There’s something about the way Marie and Bruce approach music that simply hits home for me, they are a dynamic pair made of the all the right ingredient to become…dare I say it…a “Classic”. This amazing duo made of a real life couple whose connection between themselves and music is what makes the soundscapes created by Freedom Fry always above the rest. This track explore a bit of the past, the cliches and the beauty of the vintage vibes that at times feel more like home than the present in which we live in. In it they proclaim their love for the past times and the city they reside, the always eclectic and mysterious city of Los Angeles. So sit tight, grab on to something and get ready for a trip through the decades. Enjoy!

[su_quote cite=”Marie Seyrat and Bruce Driscoll aka Freedom Fry”]”Classic” was one of those melodies that just popped into our heads one day and wouldn’t go away. The lyrics paint a semi-serious picture of all the cliché things we can’t help but love about LA. It’s also about feeling like maybe you were born in the wrong time, which we sometimes do.[/su_quote]

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