Music Video Recommendation: “Contrails” by All the luck in the World

All the luck in the World

The amazingly talented indie folk trio All the luck in the World deliver their latest single regarding the beauty, magic and the unknown nature of life and how we connect with others. “Contrails” is a hauntingly honest showcase of emotions, feelings, hopes and more that make the listener want to invest in it. It showcases and reminds us that life is filled with new things that could happen every day, every hour and every minute if we look carefully. All the so called fleeting moments could hold more meaning than we think, from a simple stare becoming a marriage that lasts forever to a warm smile from a stranger afar as you scored a goal while playing soccer as a kid giving you the drive to push on and be better each day. It’s simply about really seeing what surrounds us and being open to the unknown that dwells in each second. So listen, be inspired, live and enjoy this gem and each moment of your life.

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