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“‘Take Me Anywhere’ is the title track from the EP, it’s a raw and honest song both lyrically and musically, written in a moment of struggle and uncertainty,” explains Millard. “The song is a plea to break away from a current situation, to seek escape and to find something new. The EP has recurring themes throughout, but ultimately portrays the emotions felt when we reach the ending of youth and a ‘coming of age’. It focuses on the struggles and frustrations we face being thrown into adulthood, and how at times our dreams and ambitions can feel impossible to reach.”

Matt Millard

There’s something so beautifully and perfectly bittersweet about “Take me anywhere” by Matt Millard that you simply embrace it and connect with it instantly. It’s a unique and welcomed dose of wishful thinking and a passionate plea for a certain escape from the burden and unexpected struggle of the current stage of life. It has something within the verses, the melodies and the emotion-filled singing by Matt that the song lands safely and truly within us. It’s an alluring and refreshing blend of folk and pop that takes a different route from the rest and finds the perfect balance between all the parts. Hands down this is a song that has the magic and capacity to become a modern-day anthem for those seeking a way to break free. So enter his realm for it feels yours and embrace the honest soundscape that takes shape and form. Enjoy!

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