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[su_quote cite=”Malory”]A story of Cold War paranoia shot in a real nuclear bunker, it’s a CCTV glimpse into the story of two lovers trapped in an apocalyptic dystopia. We were inspired by ‘Lars and the Real Girl’ and ‘Blast from the Past’ but wanted to put our own spin on things. Our female protagonist has been locked up in the bunker for years way into the future (hence the spacesuit), and her ‘lover’ has been trapped in a zombielike coma She’s going crazy stuck underground and is lonely without him. Finally she manages to perfect her experimental Nuclear Brandy potion, transporting them back to the 50’s and bringing him to life! We wanted it to be trippy, playful and dreamlike to compliment the song’s production as well as the dark irony of the lyrics.[/su_quote]


Oh my are we in for something special or what? this visually stunning and musical masterpiece of a  gem by Malory points it all to a definite hell yes. “Nuclear Brandy” is hands down and without any hint of doubt a track that is made to be a hit from beginning to end. I fell for it immediately, it was love at first listen and the video just made it so much more perfect. I mean just hear her voice and how she owns each verse and delivers the right note and the inflections of the words timed just right to ensure the soundscape unfolds and pulls us in. It is a magical ride to a future where two lovers finally meet again and the changes that surround them make them drink a dose of a “nuclear brandy” that gives peace and allows them to love at ease.  So enter her world, find your love story and enjoy this masterful creation.

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