Listen: “Fuck your money” by Elohim

“Fuck your money” by Elohim

Elohim delivers a song that hits home and really reminds us what really matters in life, it’s not money and all the riches but love and those that make you feel it. “Fuck your money” is a beautiful and inviting indie pop anthem for the fighters, the dreamers and those in search for more. It’s a song to keep you grounded and focused, plus it’s so catchy, playful and definitely fun to listen to. She has created a masterpiece that really delivers and creates a soundscape that pulls you in an instant and makes you feel powerful, motivated and filled with joy. “I got love fuck your money”…so beautiful, so honest and so true, because in the end that’s what truly matters. So smile, listen and of course enjoy this must listen track.

A couple of months ago i drove past my childhood home and started singing ‘i got love fuck your money’ out loud.. and it all came to me. i began to form the verses, chorus and instrumental melodies in the car. i got home, showered and couldn’t stop singing it.. i jumped out in the middle of my shower to make a voice note still covered in soap. when i finished my shower i drove straight to the studio to produce and finish the song. when your music and lyrics are coming from a deep genuine place they pour out of you like a faucet you can’t stop. this is f*ck your money.Elohim

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