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Music Video Recommendation: I don’t want to find the one” by Natti Vogel

“I fondly think back to that pre-Christmas rush of dancing every day, wondering if we were going to be able to pull it off, having faith anyway, shaving with Haley (set design), bruising my knees and hips with José, battle-planning with Flannery (co producer), and I hope that raw electricity carries to the audience. Our process achieved exactly what we intended to prove: hierarchical, dictatorial, oppressive patriarchy is over, and a queer, mixed, power-balanced team is the future.”

Natti Vogel

World behold for your new superstar is already here and his name is Natti Vogel and “I don’t want to find the one” is the proof of this claim. The talented, irreverent and refreshingly unique singer/songwriter comes in like a force of nature asking for all eyes to fall directly on him. I mean just take a look at the music video and there’s no way that you are not hypnotized by what is shown. His every move seems to perfectly flow hand in hand with the verses and melodies ensuring an experience that is beyond words for the viewer/listener. So enter the world created by Natti and be mesmerized by the magic that flows from this must listen/must see musical creation.

Fun indie pop track about not wanting to find the one, the thrill of the chase and the relaxing feel of not having to perfect yourself to meet someones expectations. The track is playful and refreshingly honest, you might agree or not, you might be in that stage or moved one but it is a must listen and electrifying track nonetheless. Enjoy!The Wolf in a Suit on this track previously featured in Soundcloud Discoveries Part LI

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