Album Recommendation: Dreamland (Extended) by Emilia Ali

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Artist: Emilia Ali

Album: Dreamland (Extended)

Release Date: 2018

Location: USA

Top Tracks: Each track is more than amazing, but of course there are always a few that take the crown and come on top of the rest. In the case of this gem, there were two that just shined a big brighter and they are: “Dreamland” and “Into the light”.

Why? Honestly there’s no going wrong when it comes to Emilia, from the first song I heard from her I just knew she was a special kind of talent. She is able to traverse through honest, playful and meaningful verses with a natural charm, magic and sensuality that makes each song a hit. She does not overdue it since she does not need to do so, she has the capacity to embrace each sentence and paint a picture for us to fall in love with. Plus her voice is like silk as it dances around without a care in the world through each note really allowing the soundscape to hypnotize us and connect with us. Each song is a story waiting for us to press play and inundate the airwaves that surround us. So enter her world, listen and of course enjoy!

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