Listen: “Smile on the grass” by Nuria Graham

“Smile on the grass” by Nuria Graham

Half Irish, Half Catalan and a complete breath of fresh air in the current music scene, say hello to the beauty, the magic and the haunting vocals of Nuria Graham. The talented and inspiring singer/songwriter comes to Wolf in a Suit for the first time and she does so with her track “Smile on the grass”. With a unique and otherworldly lyricism she blends melodies and verses perfectly delivering a sound that is both old school and contemporary as it embraces the listeners instantly. As the song unfolds we are quickly intrigued and pulled into her world as we are assured that we are listening to a goddess of music whose name is bound to be known by all. She quietly caresses our soul and we are filled with a warm that knows no bounds from time, space, language or genre. So dive into her mesmerizing soundscape and enjoy!

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