New Music Alert: “Isic Tutor” by Xavier Dunn

Xavier Dunn

One of my favorite artists in the whole world comes to Wolf in a Suit with his latest track and he does not miss the spot, welcome Xavier Dunn and his ethereal and haunting creation “Isic Tutor”. There’s something about his voice and the way it flows with a surreal ease from note to note bonding perfectly with the melodies that gives this track an edge. The song is a special gift from Xavier as it really delivers a soundscape unlike anything else out there and that is much welcomed this time of age. So just let go of all you know and enter the realm he has created for you are not going to regret it, I can assure that. I might be a bit bias, but I know for sure that many (if not all) of you will appreciate the beauty of the melodies, the voice and the story that unfolds in this must listen gem. So pay attention and connect with this tale of unrequited love that is personal to him while relatable to us. Enjoy!

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