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Music Video Recommendation: “Nine in the morning” by Flood for the famine

Every night the clubs are filled with music, a space to let loose our desires for connection and intimacy. The characters in these songs have been left unfulfilled and have gone searching elsewhere through the night…

When renting a studio above a strip club, it’s hard to ignore all that stuff. I’m telling a story that happens every night in this city…”Alex Lindner aka Flood for the Famine

Flood for the famine

Alex Lindner aka Flood for the Famine delivers a haunting and everlasting track that blends melodies and verses creating a story that keeps you on your toes with “Nine in the morning”. The talented singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist showcases a gift for painting a picture and really delivering a story of love, lust, heartbreak and a certain raw feel of life. There’s just something about his voice, the jazz infused rock sounds, the old school charm filled lyrics and the mesmerizing visuals that makes this an experience that fulfills our senses. So enter the realm he has created and simply enjoy the visuals and sounds of this marvel of a musical gem.

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