[su_quote]…A wolf clothes in Saint Laurent

Taking all he can to get what he wants

I wish you the worst, I really do… [/su_quote]

Winnie Ford

Talented indie singer/songwriter Winnie Ford delivers her first major record and music video with “Take Cover” and it’s one to remember. The beautiful artist takes careful control of her voice as she becomes one with the lyrics setting the mood and painting a picture that seems familiar to some. She speaks from the heart and from experience as life is filled with ups and downs and good and bad, specially when it comes to the relationships we create throughout (whether romantic or friendships). In the song we are taken to a story where she has finally said stop to the romance she had, as she now sees that it is best to move on and grow past it. She remembers being infatuated and pulled into a bad dream that was this person, but finally she decided to see for herself and value who she is and what she brings to the table. It’s a gentle reminder that no one is above you and your dreams, love is pure and does not want more than you can give and will not take more than what is provided. She learns this and while at it we are taught as well. So be hypnotized by the visuals and fall in love with the soundscape that this songstress has created for us. Enjoy!

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