Music Video Recommendation: “Firebird” by Milky Chance

We were inspired and totally hooked by the power and charisma that these women of Bolivia carry out every day” explains Clemens Rehbein, continuing “They’re making a socio-political statement by just doing their own thing and that‘s something we admire and wanted to be seen.

Milky Chance

German indie pop band Milky Chance continue to amaze their world with their unique brand of music, this time around we have the pleasure of listening to “Firebird”. The pair take inspired lyrics, catchy melodies and add to it visuals that captivate your soul and imagination as they showcase the beauty and marvel they say from women in Bolivia. Honestly the music video is top notch in every aspect as it’s not only appealing to the viewer, but also shows care and respect for the culture represented. They really value their experience in this south american country and personally I thank them for showcasing it in a way that the world can also see the beauty that can be found. So fall in love with the visual, be mesmerized by the verses and become a fan of this talented German act who are taking the world by storm. Enjoy!

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