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“Kiss like a woman

Talk like a man

Here we are in the summer rain again

You’re soaking wet it’s easy to see

There’s no other place that id rather be”


One of my favorite bands has just delivered their latest music video and of course I am going to write about it, say hello to “Kiss like a Woman” by MONA. The guys take old school rock, add some blues, some raw energy and some contemporary touches and they got this beauty which thankfully they decided to share with the world. From beginning to end the song simply hits all the right notes and continues to ensure all of those who love the band that they are here to stay, plus I am pretty sure it captures new fans with ease. And not only is the soundscape amazing, but with the assistance of Director Johnathan Crocker and starring Langley Fox Hemingway & Madison Paige the music video is up there as well. Particularly for me there’s never a going wrong when it comes to this electric band and this is a fine example as to why. So dive into the world, the stories, the lyrics and the melodies in “Kiss like a woman” for I am sure you’ll find a reflection of you in it. Enjoy!

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