Music Video Recommendation: “Wild Heart” by The Singer and The Songwriter

“One woman achieving success is all women achieving success.”

The Singer and The Songwriter

Indie folk duo The Singer and the Songwriter deliver a mesmerizing and beautiful combination of visuals and sounds that really hits deep. Their latest music video for their song “Wild Heart” features the urban dance team The Company and it is amazing. The choreography showcased goes hand in hand perfectly with the lyrics ensuring the feelings and emotions are not only seen and heard but even lived within the time frame the magic lasts. The talented pair are really delivering a track for the modern masses as it exquisitely showcases talented women as well as giving them a proper space to shine and show the world that the future is indeed female. So whether you are a man or a woman we can all agree that the song is inspiring, powerful and one to be heard and shared with as many people as you can. So listen, see and of course…Enjoy!

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