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Elley Duhe

Talented indie singer/songwriter Elley Duhe is bringing something mesmerizing and haunting to the indie pop scene and she is easily on the path to becoming a household name. With a certain unique blend of innocence and sensuality that lies within her singing style, she creates stories and soundscapes that are riveting. The songstress takes sounds and verses and puts them together creating something outside the realm of the mundane and the typical with an ease that is otherworldly. She stays true to her voice and her experiences and from there pulls us inside her world where we are gladly taken over by her sounds. She creates music that dwells outside the limitations of time and space and really have a way of connecting with the listeners no matter their age.

On this post you get to listen to her in two ways that really embrace her uniqueness and the beauty of her range. Once is a perfectly produced track that allows music and voice to collide and become one, while the other is a stripped version that really lets us fall in love with the pureness and angelic like vibe of her voice. Without a doubt this talented artist is truly a force of nature that is quickly heading to conquering the music scene. So remember the name, follow her on social media and be ready to see her headlining the biggest festivals any time soon. Enjoy!

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