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“Break my heart again” by Finneas

Indie singer/songwriter/producer Finneas takes a break away from assisting his sister with her debut EP to now showcase that they are both forces of nature to be on the lookout for. His latest single “Break my heart again” is one of those special songs that grabs your heart and allows emotions to run through it with a bittersweet ease. He connects with the listeners and delivers a soundscape that is simply mesmerizing and haunting. He sets the right combination of vocals and melodies, plus he adds a special extra with the text message sound bits that make you wonder if the voice is reading what it is writing or thinking it as the texts go back and forth.  It is honestly an instant favorite of mine as it really hits deep within and holds you tight as you embrace each word and understand the story completely.

Fun fact: His sister is Billie Eilish , who has been featured on the site as well.

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