Music Video Recommendation: “Good guys go” by Cub Sport

I wrote Good Guys Go about an imbalanced relationship where emotional labour was going unrecognized. I saw the toll this cycle took, where one person was continually working so much harder than the other to keep the relationship afloat. I hope this song offers some sort of comfort to people who have felt the same.Tim Nelson / Lead singer of Cub Sport

Cub Sport

Australian indie pop band Cub Sport deliver their latest track “Good guys go” (from their album BATS) and it just amazing to senses. It is a haunting and ethereal showcase of verses, melodies and emotions that ring true from beginning to end. It connects instantly with the listeners as it tells a story that most if not all know: being in a relationship and feeling the same love and comfort provided is not received(or maybe you did not give and you only received). It is an old tale, but one we all can relate too and talk about. They deliver it perfectly and it truly makes for a song that is hands down a must listen. The talented four piece really have hit gold as the track is a fine showcase of what the album contains, ensuring us a one of a kind and memorable ride if her to the full content in it. Enjoy!

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