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“Homecoming” by ARLO

Talented UK based indie singer/songwriter ARLO continues to cement his name as a newcomer who the world needs to pay attention to. With his latest single “Homecoming” he dives into verses and emotions that serve to inspire and motivate the listeners and himself. It is a clear understanding that live can get hard at times, but we must remember that there’s a place called home where we can surround ourselves with those who make things feel possible. There’s no shame in needing and wanting this, for life is not about being alone but about surrounding yourself with people who make it beautiful. So listen, smile and pick yourself and find those who matter most. Enjoy!

[su_quote cite=”ARLO”]Homecoming is admission in its purest form. It’s me admitting the truth to myself and promising myself to get better. It’s me saying come home , we love you, we won’t judge you. no one will ever love you more than your family and friends. So why not surround yourself around them.[/su_quote]

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