Music Video Recommendation: “Kill all the lights” by Samuel Jack

Samuel Jack

Once again Samuel Jack kills it and blows everyone away, his latest single “Kill all the lights” is electric, honest and truly inspiring. He delivers each verse with a supernatural ease as his voice showcases it’s range and blends beautifully with the melodies. He grabs experiences that come from life and blends them all together creating a monster of a track that is sure to connect with listeners all over the world. The track reminds people to take some time and breathe and if necessary kill all the lights and find yourself within this soothing second. It reminds us as well that we are human and sometimes we falter or grow tired of all that goes on. He understands it all and lets us know that he has bee there as well. So breath, smile, take a moment and push forward. Enjoy!

This song is about a very poignant moment in my life when frankly, things weren’t going so well. A time when ‘life’ was getting on top of me, a time when I just wanted it all to go away. Sometimes people need some respite, an escape, to forget and reconnect, and to me, Kill All the Lights has become that, my own form of medicine.Samuel Jack

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