Music Video Recommendation: “Messed Up Masterpiece” by Facing West

Facing West

Facing West are Sisters/singers/songwriters/multi-instrumentalists and much more and they are ready to take the world by storm. With their beautifully titled single “Messed Up Masterpiece” they explore the more human side of themselves and of us as well. The remind us that within our flaws lie our beauty and what makes us one of a kind, because if we were all perfect it would be kinda boring. Life is an adventure in which we fall and pick ourselves up from time to time and there’s always something new to learn from ourselves and others. We are all unique and irreplaceable and I love the fact that these young artists understand that. So listen, see, dive into their charming world and enjoy!

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I was introduced to this band last year and having falling in love with the journey (and the music) of these two artists!! It is inspirational to watch and support them and their music. I hope to hear more and more from them this year!!!

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