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Dirty Heads ft. The Unlikely Candidates

Two talented bands unite their talents, Dirty Heads and The Unlikely Candidates, and we hit the jackpot for music lovers across the world with their track “Celebrate”. The song is honestly amazing due to the fact that it comes from a real place as the lyrics unfold and you can listen to the passion, hard work and sacrifice both bands have put forth to reach their dreams of sharing music with the world. The embrace each second away from those they love, each late night, each drop of sweat and those moments when stress took over as part of the ride and the adventure they are on. They deliver a reminder for all of us aspiring to reach our dreams, letting us know that is not easy…but something worth a damn never is. So listen, see and enjoy!

“…Mom if you can hear me, I think I made it
20,000 fans from the stage I’m standing on
I want you to know I appreciate it
One day I’ll come home, we can celebrate
Mom I gotta go, the curtain’s calling
All the way from Rome, I’m really sorry
Tell my little sister I said hey
One day I’ll come home, we can celebrate…”

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