New Music Alert: “See each other right” by Shadowlark

“See each other right” by Shadowlark

There’s something fascinating and utterly mesmerizing in the sound that Leeds based Shadowlark are bringing to the music scene. It’s a unique and inviting blend of 80’s melodies and something unknown and contemporary that makes “See each other right” a magical song that transports you elsewhere. It is one of those special tracks that is able to pull you from the reality of the mundane into a night where something not known to mortals resides. It is synth filled and pop perfect while staying true to the current indie rock spirit. It carries a refreshing duality between a soothing aura and an electric charm that is able to fill the listeners easily. Hands down another reason why the UK is always a contender to take the crown as the best music scene in the world. Enjoy!

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