New Music Alert: “Kaleidoscope” by Jareth

“Kaleidoscope” by Jareth

London based singer/songwriter Jareth hits gold with her latest single “Kaleidoscope” and we have a found a gem worthy of praise and recommendation from everyone. Her latest song is a mesmerizing and honest invitation for the listeners to dive deep within themselves and explore the nature of their fears, motivations and more. It’s a gentle reminder of the strength we posses and to aspire to use to beat our fears and motivate ourselves once again to always give our best. It understands that while the mind, heart and soul are frail, there’s also a fire in all of us that can potentially turn us into people that inspire and drive others to be better. She does not falter in her message and we hear it loud and clear…thank you for your words and for the energy that oozes from your melodies. Enjoy!

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