Listen: “Harder than it needs to be” by Eli

“Harder than it needs to be” by Eli

Talented indie singer/songwriter Eli delivers a unique blend of old school sounds and nice dose of contemporary experiences and lyrics that together make “Harder than it needs to be” one of the easiest tracks to enjoy. The track is bittersweet but so honest it is development and story. It speaks from the heart and from experiences already lived and seen, it invites the listeners and informs them that he understands whether it’s happening or happened already. The track is about how love can sometimes be made into a drama when there’s someone in the relationships whose keeping the issues from the past into the present and adding to the person they are with. It’s the old tale and reason of why some relationships don’t last, our hearts are hard to forgot and sadly easy to make things hard. Maybe you’ve been on the receiving end or you were the person who brought the drama, no matter what is is or what it was simply forgive and forget and make things easier for you and who you are with. Enjoy!

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