Cover: “Together in electric dreams” by Jazz Mino

“Together in electric dreams” by Jazz Mino

Indie pop artist Jazz Mino delivers a unique and inviting cover of the 80’s track “Together in electric dreams” by Giorgio Moroder and Philip Oakley. She stays true to the vibe and feeling of the original while adding some contemporary touches that flow beautifully with the 80’s tones. Her take is honestly playful, fun and filled with a positive energy that simply picks you up when you are down and reminds you of the good times and the people that matter. It is an inspiring song that fills you up and makes you feel at ease even when you are away from all you know. Enjoy!

Together In Electric Dreams is a song I’ve always loved, it resonates within me and reminds me when I sing it that, no matter where I am in the world, my friends and family are always in my heart and are a huge priority in my life.Jazz Mino

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