Premiere: “Vapors” by X. Ari

“Vapors” by X. Ari

I am excited and honored to premiere the latest mesmerizing showcase of talent from Canadian singer/songwriter X. Ari titled “Vapors”. With this beautiful track she delivers a story from beginning to end and it is simply intoxicating as it pulls you in and you can feel all the emotions that run though the verses. It is a union of melodies and verses that connect with listeners as it is one that has been lived or seen. She understands the frail nature of the human existence and knows that at times we fall over and over into the same hole expecting something different, expecting a ray of something more, of something special. But love is love when it’s meant to and when it’s not it is simply an obscene illusion that makes you crumble piece by piece while we continue to say it wasn’t me …but our choices are our own to make. So listen and dive into the melodies and each sentence of this wondrous musical creation. Enjoy!

The light hearted electro pop production and soft vocal delivery on “Vapors” intentionally contrasts the dark message from the perspective of a woman who is trapped in a tumultuous romance. Their relationship is a bad habit that is as toxic and short lived as a lit cigarette. Both partners are addicted and know it’s unhealthy, but they refuse to let go. They contribute to their own victimization and unconsciously cause a negative effect on each other’s mental health. They need to wake up, but instead choose to live in denial while continuously pleading ‘don’t you never put me out.X Ari

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