Listen: “Warm Cloudy Weather” by SAMA

“Warm Cloudy Weather” by SAMA

Indie Italian band SAMA come in once again to Wolf in a Suit and this time around they deliver a must listen gem titled “Warm Cloudy Weather”. The talented trio take feelings, emotions, experiences and add music and lyrics to it making it an otherworldly experience for music lovers. While the track dwells in the realm of electronica it also adds dashes of pop and rock that makes it stand out as a refreshing and inviting contemporary song. The guys create a story that is relatable while making sure the sound is catchy and pulls the listener into their world instantly. It is truly a must for any playlist and highly recommended. Enjoy!

We wanted to focus on the atmosphere surrounding two lovers, the sweetness of becoming attached to someone and the bitterness of not taking seriously a relationship. It describes how in the game of love there is always a person who is completely fallen in love and a person who is more rational, and sometimes not truly interested.’’Francesco / Vocals for SAMA

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