New Music Alert: “Mad at the world” by Heffron Drive

“Mad at the world” by Heffron Drive

Indie Pop/Punk/Rock duo Heffron Drive bring to us a song to really let loose to and to scream as loud as we can as we let all the bad go away. With “Mad at the world” the guys showcase a sound that leans more towards the punk/rock tunes of the early 2000’s while also making sure it is relatable today. With the verses they express a need and desire to simply take out all the pent up frustration that everyday life might produce sometimes. Honestly if you can’t connect with the energy and the lyrics then you are either a saint or well kept away from everything bad. Life does come with some bad that can really drive you to feel mad at everything and everyone at times, and you just need to let some steam out. The best way to do so is to sing along as you jam with your air guitar or use a pen or two as drumsticks on a desk (your fax-set of drums). So listen, enjoy and express that anger through something amazing like enjoy some music or if you are up for it…create some. Enjoy!

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