New Music Alert: “All I know” by The Recoupes

“All I know” by The Recoupes

Indie rock band The Recoupes keep on showing me and the world why the UK is king when it comes to the genre with their latest single “All I know”. The guys deliver a blend of mature insight while also staying true to the young nature of the feelings and emotions that inspired it. It is a song about love while also being one that embraces an honest approach to it as it does not promise the moon and the stars but simply all he has. It is the truest form of this feeling as it aims to give what’s at the palm of your hands while also aspiring for more and to grow along with that person that inspired said feeling. The track is frankly a nice mix of soothing vibes while also staying true to the genre and providing a nice dose of energy. Honestly the track is simply just amazing and a must for any music lover. Enjoy!

“It’s about my girlfriend” states frontman Alan Li, “and knowing that you can’t be perfect – especially when you’re young, and feel like you’re still getting the hang of life. But despite that, you find someone who accepts that and you want to give your all to them.”

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