Listen: “Sunshine in Stereo” by Pablo Nouvelle ft. Andreya Triana

“Sunshine in Stereo” by Pablo Nouvelle ft. Andreya Triana

Pablo Nouvelle and Andreya Triana join forces to deliver a soulful and mesmerizing beauty of a track with “Sunshine in Stereo”. The song is honestly just beautiful and simply easy to enjoy as Pablo lays down the melodies and Andreya let’s her voice flow naturally. Through the airwaves not only comes sounds and lyrics, but also emotions and a certain charm about it that is soothing and relatable. The track invites the listener to let go of the rules as you listen to your favorite artists and simply let the music take over as you dance slowly to each note and verse they produce. It speaks of that ethereal and surreal relationship between listener and music maker that is just magical and hypnotizing. The song is one to connect with easily and to enjoy on a daily basis.

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