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“Bad for me” by Ian Gott

Indie singer/songwriter Ian Gott delivers indie pop perfection with his latest single “Bad for Me” which I am honored to premiere here for you. The track takes us through a trip down memory lane and through the experiences that make up life as we have all taken a few bad decisions that even though we knew were bad we still did them anyway. The reasons might seem childish and trivial now, but at the time we had our reasons just like Ian did. No one is here to judge for mistakes are part of life and the bad has a way of making the good taste so much sweeter. So listen, enjoy and know that the reflection you see is there to smile back at you as you have already gone through the bad and come out so much stronger, better and ready for whatever comes your way.

[su_quote]This song is all about continuing to make bad decisions that get in the way of life and make everything more complicated. I was in a dark place when the song was written and was fortunate enough to collaborate with some amazing other Talents on it. The song was Co-written with recording artist Oshri and producer with LA based producer Hagay Mizrahi[/su_quote]

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