New Music Alert: “Make Believe” by No No Yeah Okay

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No No Yeah Okay

Indie band No No Yeah Okay not only have a unique name that captures your attention instantly, but they also have talent to spare which can be heard in their gem “Make Believe”. The talented band from Milwaukee take melodies, verses and a certain unknown to blend their music with visuals that transport you elsewhere. You take a trip down to a realm created by the combination mentioned and you do it without any sort of questioning as you know you are bound for something great. That is also part of the vibe you get from listening to the lyrics and the explosion of sounds that arises from the song. You are made to understand that there’s always room to be hopeful and to aspire for more than what the eye can see. So listen, enjoy and chase those dreams.

“Better days seem far but we can just drive off, into the sunset, yeah we’ll stay high.”

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