Listen: “Like no other” by Fuentes

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“Like no other” by Fuentes

Swedish singer/songwriter Fuentes delivers a Beatles-like gem for the broken hearts and those finding it hard to move from the memories of this past. His song “Like no other” has a certain classic charm about it that is truly mesmerizing and plus the verses are understanding and evoke the story of love that lead to them. He speaks truth as he does not sugar coat the difficulty of change and really embraces the vulnerability of the heart and how we find it hard at times to move on. The heart does not move at our rate and sometimes it stays with the memories of a touch, a kiss and the feelings that were once shared. So if you are there you now know someone understands you, if you were there before you can smile and say you understand. We can all share in the enjoyment of a soundscape that is truly like no other. Enjoy!

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