Listen: Hanging On by BING

“Hanging On” by BING

Chinese pop-diva BING has just made her international debut with stunning single “Hanging On”. This track perfectly showcases the magnificent reach of her voice and gives us a fresh and uncharted take on electro-pop.

“Hanging On” is the first single from her forthcoming album, Reverse Time , which is set to release early in the new year. The intro of the song adds a sort of mysterious buildup to the track which is then met by BING’s captivating vocals taking over and giving us an emotive and powerful performance.

This mysterious edge to her sound comes as no surprise. Always sporting a mask along with her impeccable fashions, BING has already amassed millions of followers in China as a masked phenomenon. Never able to fully see her face, she adds a sense of allure and romanticism to her persona and leaves people, like myself, wanting more.

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