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Music Video Recommendation: “Brain” by Alia

“I like nonsense; it wakes up the brain cells.” – Dr. Seuss


There’s something about the latest musical creation by Alia that simply captures your full attention and haunts you with mesmerizing melodies and verses. “Brain” is special in the way it caresses the magic of music and blends it perfectly with the visuals provided creating an experience that is exhilarating and truly one of a kind. Alia’s voice is a joy to listen as she showcases a control of it that is really out of this world as she steps away from the ordinary and enters the realm of the extraordinary that only one filled with that “it” aura can reach. There’s a strange duality between a certain caring and sweet vibe that blends itself with a hidden sensuality that makes the song stand out with an ease that is wonderful to hear and see. So step out of the mundane of the daily mishaps and diver into the words and beauty of this gem. Enjoy!

Fun fact: The Music Video was directed and produced entirely by USC Film School students. (Amazingly talented bunch by the way)

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