Listen: “Little Lost” by Vian Izak ft. POLR

“Little Lost” by Vian Izak ft. POLR

Vian Izak never fails to impress and leave this wolf in awe after hearing his music, this time he does it with the beautiful and relatable “Little Lost”. The talented Vian continues on this unique and one of a kind adventure in which music and art blend together creating one of the best acts out there. This time he team up with POLR to aide in the production and the result of this is just exquisite. The track has something about it that simply connects with the listeners for it embraces the vulnerability of the huma existence and makes us feel at ease. It does not criticize, but actually understands that at times we can be lost in the vastness of the world. It is part of our existence to feel out of place, but finding our ground and looking forward is also part of it and the adventure that comes with life. So listen, smile and fall in love with the amazing soundscape put in front of you for your senses to rejoice.

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