New Music Alert: “Finally Home” by Christian Sparacio

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New Music Alert: "Finally Home" by Christian Sparacio

“Finally Home” by Christian Sparacio

Once again Christian Sparacio manages to amaze and hypnotize listeners, this time around with his latest single “Finally Home”. The young singer/songwriter has something about his unique and personal approach to music that makes him an artist that excites music lovers. There’s a certain vulnerability and inviting feel about the verses that dwell in his latest gem that is just refreshing and welcomed. He embraces the feel of finally arriving to the one place where can feel at ease, he is finally somewhere he can call home and allows us to dive into the emotions and feeling of this beauty. We can see a reflection of our existence in him as we search as well looking to find that one place where we can also feel at home. Will we do so as we listen to this track, making it the soundtrack of this adventure. Enjoy!

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