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[su_quote cite=”Ian Colletti”]…There is so much musical history there, and a culture with a huge appreciation for music, that it makes playing there a blast.[/su_quote]

Once again Ian Colletti gives this wolf and the world a pleasant and utterly amazing surprise with a brand new song in “This Girl’s been changing”. He embraces each and every verse creating a story that really compels emotions, feelings and caresses the beauty of the human nature with a maturity that is both refreshing and most welcomed. So listen to the brand new gem and get to know the man behind the music, the actor and more.

The Interview with Ian Colletti

-First of all: Music, since when have you been at it?

Music has been a part of my life for about as long as I can remember! I got my first guitar for my 9th birthday (a $99 dollar squire Stratocaster) and have been playing and writing music ever since.

-What inspires you lyrically and melodically?

I would say lyrically I’m moved equally by artists that choose to share their experiences in a story-driven format (like Ed Sheeran) and by those who chose to write through metaphor (such as The National’s Matt Berninger). I like to think that I fall somewhere between the two.

-“Love while we’re young” – what a masterful song, where did it come from? What inspired those verses?

Thank you very much. The song is one that comes from a very personal place, as many of the things I write do. Really, the song is about letting go of the pressures and judgments that can be put on a relationship by family/friends…and being in love with someone who isn’t able to get past those things.

-Any plans of maybe touring a bit? if so where and when?

I hope so! New Jersey is where I was born and raised, so I’ve been playing around there a lot recently. I’m definitely hoping to expand beyond that as my schedule allows!

-Please tell me there’s an EP in the future?

There is new music coming for sure! I’m leaning towards releasing them as singles over the next few months, rather than an EP all at once, but regardless, new tunes are on the way!

-So far what live show experience has been the most memorable for you as a musician?

Honestly, I love playing in Asbury Park, NJ. It’s the musical birthplace of legends like Bruce Springsteen, and is only a stones throw away from where I grew up. There is so much musical history there, and a culture with a huge appreciation for music, that it makes playing there a blast.

-Artists that inspire you? Seen them live?

I could sit here all day listing off the names of artists who have inspired me. To name a few, The National, Arcade Fire (‘Funeral’ is one of my all-time favorite records), Pedro the Lion (and all of David Bazan’s other incarnations) – but also (perhaps surprisingly) lots of rap and R&B. J Cole, Kendrick, and Loyle Carner, to name a few. I think singer/songwriters can learn a lot from the flow of the lyricism presented in those genres.

-What would be your philosophy or mantra as a person, actor and musician?

Don’t give up. Don’t give up! DON’T GIVE UP!

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