Music Video Recommendation: “Light & Shadow” by KOS

“Little by little I grew up and I learned to be two in my head.
I know them I am proud to say that I no longer need any help.
It was hard but I had to get used to them, we’re all stuck in my brain now they are my friends.”


French indie pop duo KOS delivers a haunting and memorable blend of lyrics and melodies that traverse the limitations of time and genre falling in the laps of music lovers all around. Their track poetically titled “Light & Shadow” is a wonderful mix of humanity, surrealism and exploration of the self that brings light into our lives as we seek our own personas. The pair as well deliver aesthetically pleasing visuals with a black and white take that makes the music video strangely mesmerizing and feels like it goes hand in hand with the verses of this must listen creation of theirs. This is honestly the right way to deliver a debut that is sure to cement their names among blogs, sites and future fans. So listen, see and enjoy the beauty and magic of this gem.

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