Listen: “Twisted” by Aaron Taos

“Twisted” by Aaron Taos

Indie singer/songwriter/New Yorker Aaron Taos delivers a known concept but in his own words and emotions with his latest single “Twisted”. He explores the known idea of how we change and loose control of our words, our actions and reactions when we fall for someone hard. While the concept is familiar, he manages to deliver a refreshing pop/rock track that makes us feel as if we were visiting a new  found realm in lyricism that is just astounding to hear. He takes careful preparation in making sure everything sets together nicely as we enter his world and find a mirror with a reflection of us as we know each word has meaning to not only him but to us as well. So sit tight, listen and know that Aaron knows and does not judge for we have all gone through the adventure and change of feeling dumb, out of control, and a certain high when we are around a special someone who can deliver it all. Enjoy!

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