Listen: “Bad Love” by Sleeping Wolf

“Bad Love” by Sleeping Wolf

Steven Solomon and Jake Newton AKA Sleeping Wolf just don’t seem to know how to make a band song, their latest “Bad Love” is another beauty to be added to their growing repertoire. The pair take a story that we know either by heart or by having seen it around us: Falling for someone who you just know it’s no good for you. I can admit it, the lyrics hit as if they were telling a story I once lived through…I am pretty sure a few of you also feel that way and there’s nothing wrong with that. Love is an adventure and sometimes you just need a sweet taste of the nectar that comes from a love that is just so perfectly wrong while feeling so right. It could be physical, mental or who knows but this kind of relationships do happen and well they are part of life either by being a protagonist in it or by seeing what it does from the outside. So let’s finish the year strong and fall for another amazing dose of Sleeping Wolf music and their latest indie pop creation that is sure to hit the spot just right. Enjoy!

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