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“You’re gonna die either way. Live for yourself and make it count.”

Madeleine Dopico

Talented singer/songwriter Madeleine Dopico is a favorite of mine as she is constantly evolving and exploring what else to bring to her sound. She dwells in experiences that are so personal but also ease to relate with and in there lies the magic of her music. She keeps her own self in the music while our senses to create a soundscape that reflects our stories as well. Her latest delivery for us to enjoy in the music video for her gem “Saturday Night” in which we traverse the mesmerizing concrete jungle that is New York along with her and the verses and melodies become the soundtrack of this once in a lifetime adventure. Enjoy!

Some Questions with Madeleine Dopico

-What inspired “Saturday Night”?

“Saturday Night” was one of those songs that just wrote itself after I got a late night lonely text from someone I had trouble letting go of. At first I felt vindicated, but then it turned into a more profound conversation with this person and then myself, that it made me feel worthless.

-As a songwriter can you let us in on your process?

My songwriting process is very improvisational. I get to my instrument and sing whatever comes to mind. Then I adjust it into something structured.

-what motivated you to dive into the music world? What keeps you pushing forward?

I think we all have something unique to give the world. When I asked myself what I wanted to contribute most, I realized it was music. Making strides is hard in this industry, and what keeps me going is the people that genuinely felt something from my work.

-Most amazing experience of 2017 as a musician?

My favorite experience as a musician in 2017 was meeting two high school girls after a show that asked to take a photo with me because they were so into the performance. I believe young women are the future and connecting with them through art felt pretty special.

-Any sort of ritual or thing you have to do before a gig?

Before a gig, I usually belt out several Sia songs while drinking a glass of red wine and eating cereal. When I play with a band, I also tend to give a really mushy “I love you all. Thanks for being a part of my dream,” pep talk.

-Personal mantra or philosophy that you follow as a person and artist?

Personal mantra: You’re gonna die either way. Live for yourself and make it count.

-Artists that inspired you?

Artists that are inspiring me at this particular moment are those that can infuse the modern electro space with more emotionally intelligent, vulnerable lyrics and compelling melodies. Sia, James Blake, Jack Garratt, Frank  Ocean, Bon Iver, Banks to name a few.

-One place in New York that always manages to get the creative juices going?

I’m a total water child and running down by the East River keeps me creative. Sometimes it’s actually a little annoying that that’s when I feel inspired, because I have to keep stopping along my run to write down ideas in my phone and definitely look like a crazy person.

-Best place to get some music in the city?

Pianos NYC where I did my first residency has a lot of great live music! Also everyone and their mother, brother, dog and frog should sign up for SoFar Sounds in their city. SoFar puts on intimate concerts in cool pop up locations where three different acts get to play a few songs and really connect with the crowd.

-What exciting new things can we expect from you on 2018?

I think 2018 is going to be a big year of experimentation for me. I plan to try leaning into certain sides of my music and personality more, and give you a style that’s still genre- blurring but a bit more cohesive. I’ll also be taking more of the reins on production!

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