Listen: “Bring you back” by Gold Brother ft. LIIV

“Bring you back” by Gold Brother ft. LIIV

Gold Brother joins up with talented 16 year old LIIV and together they deliver one of the most beautiful and haunting tracks that you will hear this year. They bring to us mortals the gift of the beauty that is “Bring you back”, a track that hits right in the feelings that dwell inside all of us human beings. It caresses hope, love, and provides a hand that is willing to pick you up when you are feeling down. It lies outside the mediocrity of the norm and brings something unique, refreshing and truly most welcomed and dare I say it…needed. It honestly became an instant favorite for me from the very first listen and I am sure it is on its way to becoming your favorite as well. Be amazed as we might have a late contender for song of the year, but they are surely coming in strong to claim that title. Listen and enjoy this one of a kind and amazing collaboration.