Listen: On The Inside by Markus Mann

Markus Mann

Markus Mann is at it again, twisting together genres in attempts to produce the eccentric tracks he’s known for. His latest foray is “On The Inside” a track which seems rather simple at first, but comes through with deep, rich sounds, in additional to some solid lyricism.

“On The Inside” uses Mann’s trusted guitar as the primary instrumental engine of the track; driving the song forward with pleasant chords and and a steady tempo, but there are so many other sonic textures at play. Whether it be the attention-grabbing intro, with it’s use of loud, cacophonous sounds, or the pre chorus, with it’s gentle swells of brass ushering you into the chorus, Mann has “On The Inside” peppered with all sorts of nice details, creating an interesting sonic landscape where listeners can find new sounds with each playback. Mann uses his voice to great effect as well, having a charismatic vocal performance to help separate himself from the dense instrumentation that’s occurring at times. The track is nicely balanced, leaving room to appreciate Mann’s voice in addition to the many other sounds at play.

It can be difficult to craft tracks with such a large amount of different sounds, but that doesn’t seem to be the case for Markus Mann. He expertly picks what sounds to use, and slots each of them into the track with little to no force. Everything seems to fit together naturally, just as it should. If this is the type of craftsmanship we can regularly expect from Mann, I don’t see a reason to withhold excitement.

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