Listen: “Jungle” by Dhruv Visvanath

“Jungle” by Dhruv Visvanath

Amazing singer/songwriter/master guitarist Dhruv Visvanath comes to us from India to deliver one of the most powerful and mesmerizing tracks you’ll hear with his latest single “Jungle”. He captures our full attention with the beauty and emotion filled lyrics of the track from the very first second and we just don’t want to let go of this world he has created. The track dwells in the human nature of our existence as we fear at times what’s in front of us and wish to run away from them (responsibilities, work, love, family, stress, life in general). The name matches the lyrics and the emotions felt in a way that is poetic and flows perfectly with what your imagination creates. We are in a jungle filled with unknowns that make us fearful and we just run away to any side wishing to be as far as possible from these things, but they are always surrounding us and the trees and nature of this jungle towers over us. Life is like that, but we must face this jungle head on because in the end it is only a product of our minds as we give value and power to anyone or anything we wish to without realizing that in exchange we get stress, fear and the feeling of being lost. So know your value and know that you are capable of entering this realm and coming out stronger than ever. Enjoy!

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