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Music Video Recommendation: “Staring” (On the Roof) by Tipling Rock

“You got me staring like a fool, yeah i know you want me too
When you look back at me, ahh girl i know you get me
My eyes and your eyes, the sunlight, it’s alright
Yeah how could i look right past ya, you got me staring at ya”

Tipling Rock

The talented indie band Tipling Rock take the electric and playful “Staring” and give it a softer and acoustic-like vibe with this On the Rooftop rendition. The make sure to keep the story of the lyrics but this time around the track still invites the body to dance…just not at the same tempo, for this melody serves itself more for a slow balad to dance while you stare into the eyes of the one that simply mesmerizes you all the time. It is precious, honest and carefully place in a way that invites the heart to be romantic and to beat just little faster. You can easily picture yourself on that rooftop with the band in the background and someone special at your hands as you dance the night away simply staring and smiling at each other. It has something truly unique about it that makes you feel as it was a song just for you and your special partner in crime. So get up, get ready and dance the night away as you enjoy a soundscape made specially for you, for me and all who desire the amazing melodies of this band from Boston.

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