Listen: “Him” by Dana and the Wolf

“Him” by Dana and the Wolf

Indie pop duo Dana and the Wolf deliver a haunting blend of mature lyricism and surreal melodies that take shape and form in the ethereal creation of “Him”. The pair understand each other  beautifully and from that back and forth and that union of their talents come out musical creations that are simply exquisite. The track takes an in your face path towards a former lover or even a religious sadness and even disdain to a god-like figure. The verses as they flow perfectly through the airwaves take with them the dissatisfaction felt towards this mysterious figure, it’s a soundscape that invites you and allows the listeners to see a reflection of themselves within it. It is honestly a fine way to head to end of the year as the track is sure one to be remember and this duo are surely going to continue growing their story this upcoming 2018. So listen, enjoy and fall victim to the haunting and mesmerizing sounds and lyrics of this talented pair.

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