New Music Alert: “Feeling it” by The Habits

“Feeling it” by The Habits

Indie band The Habits deliver a cool and eclectic track perfect to drive around at night hunting for the unknown with “Feeling it”. It speaks of being enamored by a person who brings woes, magic and a doubt that does not seem to fade away no matter how hard you try. It transports the listeners to another realm, one in which its you, your car and someone in the copilot seat with whom you are traversing the dirt roads that are part of dating. The song flows in a way that feels both youthful, mature and sincerely out of this world amazing as the vocals and melodies simply catch you off guard and completely connect with you. The song takes shape and form easily becoming a favorite for all who listen to it, it caresses the borders of pop, rock, cool, magic and the beauty of an unknown genre that feels recently created by the guys. This young band is one of those that you, me and everyone else should most definitely keep track of. So listen, enjoy and fall for the amazing soundscape they are bringing to us for they are just getting started.

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