New Music Alert: “Too Far” by Plasi

“Too Far” by Plasi

Swedish singer/songwriter Plasi delivers an spellbinding and honest acoustic beauty of a track that dwells in honest emotions that are relatable to this time of year. He speaks of the moments in life in which you wished you could see all the people you love, but if you are like me and like him and family is all over then it is near impossible. He reminds us that it is OK to miss someone and to feel as if things are not whole at times, sometimes it’s distance and sometimes it is beyond the grasp of our human existence. “Too Far” is a bittersweet song that strangely manages to calm you in those moments and allows you to feel at ease for there is someone out there who understands and knows your pain. I am personally thankful to him for I am missing family and two special people that are too far, beyond this plane of existence. So listen, smile, enjoy and know that he understands, that I understand and it is OK to cry, to feel sad but always remember those you care also care for you.

“‘Too Far’ is about those special times of the year when you can’t avoid the fact that not everyone you love is around. With family and friends spread all around the world, you always have to choose one over the other” Plàsi says about the track. “I want ‘Too Far’ to serve as a reminder that even in the moments that are supposed to be perfect, it’s okay to feel down, to miss someone, or to feel like something is missing.”

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